My Loneliness has Wings
Directed by:
Mario Casas
Written by:
Mario Casas, Deborah François

In a humble neighborhood on the outskirts of Barcelona, Dan (Óscar Casas) and his two friends, Vio (Candela González) and Reno (Farid Bechara), live without thinking about tomorrow, indulging in parties and committing jewelry heists. Behind his appearance as a small-time delinquent, Dan hides a talented artist with a different sensitivity to the world around him. The reappearance of his father, after being released from prison, awakens Dan's old demons, plunging him into a spiral of violence that forces him to flee and puts the friendship between the three friends to the test. A journey of irrevocable discovery begins for Dan and Vio, where they have to leave behind the children they once were, changing their lives forever. Can they escape their fate for the sake of love?

Óscar Casas
Candela González
Farid Bechara
Francisco Boira