Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End
Directed by:
Carles Torrens
Written by:
Ángel Agudo (based on Manel Loureiro's book)

A strange disease similar to rabies begins to spread uncontrollably across the planet, transforming people into extremely aggressive creatures. But Manel has been living his own apocalypse; he has not yet overcome the loss of his wife in an accident, and he has spent a year depressed and isolated from his family, with Lúculo, his cat, as his only company. When the disease gains even more strength, his sister insists that he leave Vigo and join her in the Canary Islands, but the plan fails. Manel has to barricade himself in his house, relying on his wit and skills to survive. However, he and Lúculo are soon pushed to venture out and will encounter unlikely yet essential travel companions, by land and by sea. Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End is the story of mourning, a journey of survival, both physical and emotional, with action, tension, rabid infected, a bit of blood... and a grumpy cat. This movie is based on the eponymous book by Manel Loureiro.

Francisco Ortiz
José Maria Yazpik
Berta Vázquez