About Us


Nostromo Pictures is one of the leading Spanish production companies in the development, production and financing of high quality content.

Following the success of “Buried” (directed by Rodrigo Cortés, starring Ryan Reynolds), Adrián Guerra y Núria Valls founded Nostromo Pictures in 2010, which has produced seventeen films to date, including Rodrigo Cortés’s “Luces Rojas” with Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver and Robert De Niro, “Grand Piano” by Eugenio Mira with a script by Damien Chazelle and starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack, “Down a Dark Hall” by Rodrigo Cortés with AnnaSophia Robb and Uma Thurman as protagonists and also the Spanish hits “ Palmeras en la Nieve ”and“ El Guardián Invisible” both directed by Fernando González Molina or“ Contratiempo ”written and directed by Oriol Paulo.

Some of their latest works such as “La Red Avispa” (2019), “Hogar” (2020) or “Offering the storm” (2020) have recently premiered on Netflix, as well as “The Favorites of Midas” (2020), their first miniseries.  During 2021, Nostromo produces the film based on the Wattpad bestseller “Through my window”, the series “Santo” by creator Carlos López, both for Netflix, and the film based on the book “God’s crooked lines”, directed by Oriol Paulo which will be released on October 7,2022. In addition, the new film by Rodrigo Cortés, “Love gets a room”, widely recognized by critics, was released in theaters.

At the moment, they are in post-production on the Spanish spin-off of the acclaimed Netflix movie “Bird Box” and are shooting the sequel to “Through my window”; titled “Across the Sea”, after the great success achieved by the first film on the Netflix platform, becoming the third most watched non-English language film in its first 28 days.

Also noteworthy is their musical theater section through Nostromo Live. Since 2017 he has produced the musicals “Almost Normal”, “La Jaula de las Locas” and “La Tienda de los Horrores”, the last two together with the direction of Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix. With this same tandem, in September 2021 he premiered the adaptation of the film “Singing in the rain”, a classic of the musical genre.

In 2019 they founded Orca Studios, a virtual production and visual effects studio with offices in Las Palmas to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the innovative field of virtual production today.


In the field of cinema, there are 17 nominations for the Gaudí awards and more than 16 nominations from the Spanish Film Academy, Forqué, Feroz, Sant Jordi and Meliés, among others. In addition, his films have been premiered at renowned international festivals such as the Toronto, San Sebastian, Venice, Sundance (“Paradise Hills”) Film Festival and the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival (“Legacy in the Bones”, “Paradise Hills”). In the field of theatrical production, the awards received in the prestigious Butaca awards (four awards for “LLa cauge aux folles” and four for “Little shop of horrors”, including best musical) and the awards from theater critics stand out. (An award for best musical actor for “La cauge aux folles”).

Finally, in the field of television fiction, it has been nominated for Best Production at the Iris Awards of the Television Academy in 2021 for “Midas’s Favorites”.