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The Occupant (2020)
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The Occupant (2020)
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Javier declares that from now on he is going to live his life without asking anyone for permission or forgiveness... And surely he does.

Psychological thriller directed by the Pastor brothers (“The Last Days” (2013)) and starring Javier Gutiérrez, Ruth Díaz and Mario Casas.

Javier Muñoz was a successful advertising executive but, after a year out of work, he and his family are forced to leave the apartment that they can no longer afford. One day, Javier discovers that he still has a set of keys to his old apartment, and begins to spy on the young couple who now live there. Little by little, Javier will begin to infiltrate the lives of the new owners, determined to try to recover the life he has lost… even if that means destroying whoever stands in his way.

  • Directed/Written
    Alex Pastor/ David Pastor/
  • Cast
    Javier Gutierrez/ Mario Casas/ Bruna Cusi/ Ruth Diaz/