Singing under the rain (2021-)
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A story full of references and cinephile winks that became a classic reference of the 50s, whose anthem is the famous song “Singin’ in the rain ”worldwide known.

“Singing in the Rain”, by Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix, bets on a luxurious and detailed aesthetic, incredible dance numbers, optimism and sensitivity. A musical comedy that brings together the will to live, to see beautiful things and to enjoy pleasure.

Considered one of the best musical films of all time, “Singing in the Rain”, tells a love story set in the emergence of talkies in Hollywood, which shows all the formal elegance and aesthetics characteristic of the 20s.

The excellent and fun script ironically narrates the history of the world of cinema, showing the viewer some of the problems encountered by both actors, producers and directors when using the new techniques.


Currently in Madrid, at Nuevo Apolo Theatre

  • Director
    Àngel Llàcer/ Manu Guix/
  • Coreo
    Miryam Benedited/
  • Cast
    Iván Labanda/ Diana Roig/ Ricky Mata/ Mireia Portas/