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Red Lights (2012)
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Red Lights (2012)
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Is Simon Silver a phony or someone sinister with evil powers?

After the success of his previous film “Buried”, Rodrigo Cortés works with a cast of first-rate actors: Cillyan Murphy, Sigourney Weaver and Robert de Niro in this suspense and horror film.

Margaret Mathenson and her assistant Tom Buckley are the heads of the psychology department at the university where they work.
His specialty is dismantling fraud cases derived from parapsychology. His ability to investigate these types of cases is unerring. Its modern devices and the cunning when it comes to discovering the lies of those phonies who try to take advantage of others through supposed miraculous and healing powers is of undoubted precision.

Margaret and Tom make a good team: she brings the experience and sees the boy as his worthy successor. She even maintains a mother-child relationship with him. However, when everything seems to be going well for them, a famous psychic who had been retired for years, Simon Silver, appears on the scene and returns to demonstrate the capacity of his telepathic gifts through massive mega-shows that make him more of a showman than anything else. Although Margaret warns Tom to stay away from him, as he can be dangerous, he will ignore her and start investigating him on his own. From that moment, a series of inexplicable events will occur, beyond any type of scientific explanation.

  • Director/Writer
    Rodrigo Cortés/
  • Cast
    Cillian Murphy/ Sigourney Weaver/ Robert De Niro/ Elizabeth Olsen/ Toby Jones/ Joely Richardson/ Craig Roberts/