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Offering to the Storm (2020)
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Offering to the Storm (2020)
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Amaia investigates a trail of misfortunes that have plagued the Baztán valley due to a series of cults of supernatural beings in which fanaticism, ambition and a terrifying lack of scruples are mixed.

“Offering to the storm” is the film that closes the Baztán Trilogy, one of the most ambitious productions of recent Spanish cinema.

It has been a while since Inspector Amaia Salazar confronted her mother. But despite the fact that both the Civil Guard and Judge Markina consider the case closed, Amaia feels that she is not free from danger. The sudden death of a baby girl in Elizondo is suspicious and the forensic analysis leads Amaia to investigate other deaths of similar origin that will lead the inspector to the final resolution of the events that have devastated the Baztán valley.

  • Director
    Fernando González Molina/
  • Writer
    Luiso Berdejo/
  • Cast
    Marta Etura/ Leonardo Sbaraglia/ Elvira Mínguez/