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Love Gets a Room (2021)
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But the real drama takes place behind the scenes as the performance continues ahead.

Written by Rodrigo Cortés himself (“Buried” (2010), “Red lights” (2012) or “Down a dark hall” (2018)) in collaboration with the successful German writer David Safier, author of titles such as’ Damn Karma ‘and ’28 days’, the story brings together a group of actors in a theater in the heart of the Warsaw ghetto where they must take a life or death decision in the middle of a show.

On November 16, 1940, Warsaw Jews and tens of thousands of refugees from all of Poland were imprisoned in a ghetto in the center of the capital and isolated from the outside world by a wall. Life was a fierce fight against hunger and epidemics.

However, the high brick wall failed to stop cultural creation.

“Love gets a room” tells the story of a group of Jewish actors who, in a frost wintry night, perform Jerzy Jurandot’s play as a life-and-death dilemma shake your existence.

Spanish Release Date: December 3rd 2021

  • Director
    Rodrigo Cortés/
  • Writers
    Rodrigo Cortés/ David Safier/
  • Cast
    Clara Rugaard/ Ferdia Walsh - Peelo/ Mark Ryder/ Valentina Belle/