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Legacy of the bones (2019)
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Legacy of the bones (2019)
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Detective Amaia Salazar, investigates a dark and morbid case of a serial killer, which is related to his complex and twisted family history.

“Legacy in the Bones” is a Spanish thriller directed by Fernando González Molina. It is the second of the Baztán Trilogy, being also an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Dolores Redondo.

It’s been a year since Amaia Salazar solved the crimes that were terrorizing the Baztán Valley. Pregnant and determined to leave behind her experience in Elizondo, her life is disrupted by several prisoners who commit suicide after leaving a single word written on the wall, “Tarttalo.” Amaia must face a vertiginous investigation, threatened by the presence of her own mother.

  • Directed by
    Fernando González Molina/
  • Writer
    Luiso Berdejo/
  • Cast
    Marta Etura/ Carlos Librado/ Leonardo Sbaraglia/