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Girl’s Night Out (2015)
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Girl’s Night Out (2015)
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5 friends, 2 nights of party ... What could possibly go wrong?

“Girls’s Night Out” is the crazy tale of a group of friends: Nora , Gisela , Tania, Marta and Mateo – who’s just one of the girls.

At 27 their lives aren’t quite what they dreamed of as teenagers. Like most Spanish twenty-somethings, they want a dream job, a boyfriend like the guy from 50 Shades of Grey, and an amazing flat in the city centre. The only problem is that on a grand a month, they’ve had to make do with flat sharing, internships, committment shy guys and clothes shopping in the sales.

But harsh reality doesn’t stop Nora and friends.

Their first mission is to organise an amazing bacholorette party for Gisela, the most responsible member of their gang. They dream of going away for a week, somewhere with alcohol, beautiful people and constant parties. Nora proposes something in her own style, along the lines of Sex in the City, with an exotic, luxury location. But the girls’ budgets don’t exactly stretch to Cancún or the Dominican Republic so they go for a weekend in Gran Canaria. They plan to have the wildest time ever, and end up proving that their friendship can overcome all obstacles.

  • Director
    Manuela Moreno/
  • Guionistas
    Susana López Rubio/ Manuela Burló Moreno/ Núria Valls/
  • Reparto
    Natalia de Molina/ Úrsula Corberó/ María Hervás/ Celia de Molina/ Brays Efe/