The Darwin Club
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“The Darwin Club” is more than a science novel. It is a story where science fiction mixes with mystery and intrigue, with deep dialogues, betrayals, action and drama. Discover the first-person narrations of the protagonists of this science-fiction adventure that will hook you from the first minute.

Year 2010. Young scientist Joel Lager arrives to work in Professor Vivian Malgrad’s laboratory: a world toxin expert with belligerent atheism and obsessive evolutionary principles. There, Joel will savor the honeys of success by developing a revolutionary therapy that can lead to a cure for cancer. He will also end up falling in love with Vera, an enigmatic scientist with too many things to hide.
All these vicissitudes will take a backseat when a mysterious unknown and deadly disease appears in Barcelona. From then on, a race against the clock will take place to reveal what is causing this strange pathology, and thus avoid an unpredictable outcome.

  • Based on the book by
    Nacho Anguilo/