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Bird Box Spin Off (Soon)
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Adaptation of the terrifying novel by Josh Malerman and spin-off of the Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock.

Directed by Àlex and David Pastor (“Carriers”, “Last Days”, “Home”) and starring Mario Casas and Georgina Campbell, among an international cast.

We find ourselves in Barcelona in a post-apocalyptic world in which a strange epidemic of suicides has been unleashed, which occur for strange reasons when looking outside at the sun. The only way to avoid death is not to look.

It has been six months since the beginning of the apocalypse and Sebastián (40) has survived. He and other survivors will have to continue fighting for his life and to find a way out in this new world.


Release Date: To be determined.

  • Directors
    Àlex Pastor/ David Pastor/
  • Writers
    Àlex Pastor/ David Pastor/
  • Cast
    Mario Casas/ Georgina Campbell/ Alejandra Howard/ Naila Schuberth/ Diego Calva/ Patrick Criado/ Lola Dueñas/ Gonzalo de Castro/