Offering to the Storm
Directed by:
Fernando González Molina
Written by:
Luiso Berdejo (basado en la novela de Dolores Redondo)

It's been a while since Inspector Amaia Salazar confronted her mother. However, despite the conclusion reached by both the Civil Guard and Judge Markina, Amaia feels that she is not free from danger. The sudden death of a girl in Elizondo raises suspicions, and forensic analysis leads Amaia to investigate other deaths with a similar origin, which will ultimately lead the inspector to the final resolution of the events that have plagued the Baztán Valley.

Marta Etura
Leonardo Sbaraglia
Elvira Mínguez
Benn Northover
Francesc Orella
Carlos Librado "NENE"
Marta Larralde
Álvaro Cervantes
Ana Wagener
Imanol Arias
Paco Tous
Patricia López Arnaiz
Carlos Serrano-Clark
Susi Sánchez