Love gets a room
Directed by:
Rodrigo Cortés
Written by:
Rodrigo Cortés, David Safier

January 1942, 400,000 Jews from all over Poland have been confined by the Nazis for over a year in a narrow ghetto in the middle of the city. Outside the wall, life goes on. Inside, its inhabitants struggle to survive. However, the tall brick wall fails to halt the creation of a group of Jewish actors who, on a frosty winter night, perform a musical comedy in the Fémina theater. The audience laughs and becomes emotional as they immerse themselves in a love story, momentarily forgetting their difficult situation. Backstage, the actors face a life-or-death dilemma as the possibility of staging an escape after the show arises.

Clara Rugaard
Ferdia Walsh - Peelo
Magnus Krepper
Freya Parks
Jack Roth
Henry Goodman
Dalit Streett Tejeda
Anastasia Hille
Valentina Bellè
Mark Davidson